I spend my holidays doing what I like, it’s my refreshment method.

I want to enjoy a relaxing time, so let’s spend the day relaxing in your favorite color today.


味付けも大切だけど、お料理もおしゃれも目で愉しみたい。 ソースやドレッシングでカラフルに飾り付けて、お皿も指先も華麗にドレスアップしましょ。


休日は好きなことをして過ごす、それが私のリフレッシュ法。 リラックスタイムを楽しみたいから、今日は好きな色をまとって一日のんびり過ごそう。


I used to dress up for someone else who was not myself before.
To get someone’s attention to be liked by someone.

Now that I’ve been freed from the things that tie me through time,
From now on I will decorate myself for myself.
The heart’s crush is as it was at that time.


Even if it looks the same, it looks a little different if you look closely.
Sometimes I thought I was envious of people’s colors, but over the years, I came to think that my colors were lovable.

Thank you in the future, my skin color. My only color.

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